10926274_425858517571017_7217115322241647375_oMagical Vision is about believing in miracles, turning dreams into reality and bringing a little visual inspiration to our lives. It is about believing in our greater power and capacity to create and co-create with the Universe. It is about Awakening to our greater Truth and becoming part of a Tribe of like minded Spiritual Adventurers. Step into the magic…

P1020038Who am I?  This is a forever changing answer.  I am Me, I am You, I am a Reflection of the World around Me and You.  I am Light and I am Dark.  I am Love and I am Fear.  I am Divine, Goddess, and I am Human.  I am Dreamer and I am Thinker.  I am Forgiving and I am Resentful.  I am Compassionate and I am Judgemental.  I Surrender and I am Impatient.  I am Peace and I am Anger.  I have Faith and I have Questions.  I experience Gratitude and Disappointment.  The Scales are always moving…   I love to walk in Autumn wind, hearing leaves rustle around me, lifting my arms up high and imagining I am flying.  I love snuggling under layers and feeling cosy in the dark depth of Winter nights. I love hearing birds sing in the morning as the Earth begins to blossom again in Spring.  I love the sense of freedom and permission to do anything at all an a sunny Summer’s day.  I love music that awakens all my senses.  I love to move and dance.  I love to read.

I qualified as an Art Therapist in 2004.  I have worked with victims of trauma for almost 20 years.  I have extensive experience of working with individuals and groups, delivering training, holding space and being a facilitator/ reflective practitioner.me with shankari

I began belly dancing about 15 years ago with Donna Gardner (Pedralta) and stuck around when she began teaching American Tribal Style Belly Dance.  I did my Teacher Training with FatChanceBellyDance in 2014 and have been teaching ATS since with Karuna Tribal Bellydance.

18341730_10154633553800829_7910279082272536288_nI left full-time employment in 2014 to become self-employed, relocating to my home town in York, ready to discover what else life had to offer outside of the security and routine of a permanent job.  My Spiritual and Self-Discovery Journey is on-going. It involves Yoga, Reiki, lots of reading and studying, as well as trying to make the time to create art.  It also led me to Awakened Bellydance ™ and taking part in the first Facilitator Training in April-May 2017 with Katie Holland.