Awakened Bellydance

UntitledI was drawn to Awakened Bellydance ™ for a number of reasons. I was looking for a course that included dance and chakra work that would give me a foundation to develop something that would also include art making. This seemed exactly what I wanted. I was also very much in tune with the synchronicity of how it appeared it my life and how it was made possible for me to attend.

For me Awakened Bellydance ™ has been about the process of peeling my layers of protection and releasing my stories.  During my facilitator training this was painful at times yet will revealed something beautiful: my  awesome beautiful and exquisite Inner Goddess.  It is still a revelation, one I forget about sometimes still.  But I recognised her and know she is real.  I believe she is real in every woman.  I believe that as more of us work together the easier it will be for us to remember.  Together, each of us will step into who we are, become our true self, finding the strength to be our truth and speak our truth.  The first step is to see our own dirt and clean it up. As each of us lets go of false negative beliefs, harmful thoughts, painful memories, we heal, and as we heal we begin a collective healing process. This needs to happens for each and everyone of us, and our Mother Earth.

Movement, breath, dance and music are there to carry you on your journey of transformation, as well as the magic of the Universe that will bring the people you need around you to hold you up and propel you forward.  There will also be meditation, sharing, reflection, unity, removing layers of conditioning, pushing through.  It is an unknown journey worth taking. Daring to look beyond the conventional. Breaking barriers. Discovering Love and Truth.

18199556_10154601177690829_2504629743974574780_nI am currently running a series Awakened Bellydance ™ workshops to a closed group.  Please get in touch if you would like a place on the next course.

Please see Events page for details, thank you.

I am also able to facilitate a workshop for you and your friends/ group, please get in touch if you’d like to discuss this, thank you.

I took the brave step of giving a PechaKucha presentation in 2017 to introduce Awakened Bellydance to the City of York, you can listen to it here:

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